going from 2018 to 2019

the rithme of being many hours at home is something that needs to grow. It craves for a peacefull minds and lots of patience. christmas holidays, filled with cold, dark days and many hours spend at home, is this kind of expierence. they have had a beautiful rithme at school and with daycare, floating through the days, knowing what to expect and which borders to push to get the most out of it. christmas holiday might be the most beautiful and special, although it is also the thoughest. Being together with families, spending long evenings awake for christmas or new year, it’s all very heartwarming as it also is very exhausting for their little bodies, minds and hearts. i can almost feel them positioning themselves in this new rithme. and by the time we are all set and enjoying our time together, we must float back to the rithme where we came from. for us it might be a walk through the parc, for them it’s a very complicated yet beautiful metamorphosis to watch. i wish for longer holidays. 

december 2018
she blew out four candles. 
she's four. 
we celebrated her fifth year of life. my little flower, my beautiful fiery child, decisive but yet so sensitive. i'm so proud of everything she is and what she is becoming. happy birthday wild one. my ode.